Monday, July 11, 2011

I Sucks

I remember I Promise that I will be back Last Yr..... But I did not : (


I remember I Promise to update my blog and never let it die...... But I did not

Lame again....

Fark up.... Why?

No time..... Thats what I can say.

2011..... The year which I would say is the turning point of my career path.

Yes, I became my own boss, set up my own Company with my younger brother and my old operation manager from my previous company.

Life had change since.... Busy, Busy and just busy. Its def not easy to run the show all by yourself.

There is just too much to handle. Right from the scratch, from planning, building, running, marketing, etc etc

Its Hard and esp when I am still doing my reno business....

Perhaps, I should just give up on one ( Reno ), So that I can make my present business perfect. I should think I have to, as all my $, effort are in there. I will, or rather I must, make it Big.

Its hard to make this decision esp when you are in Reno Business for a good 13 years. Who wouldnt want to earn more $? But I have my limit. I thought I can cope, But I realise that perhaps I am wrong.

Like What I just twitted just now.... " Sometimes I just wish that I hold a normal 9-6 kind of job. No work related matters will bother you after office hour esp Weekends...."

I think I am tired... I think I need and I deserve a Good Break...I don wana work 7 days a week.. but the problem is.. Can I?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Back! Back! Back!

9 months past........

and I am finally Back to blogging.....

Time freaking past so fast as if it was like yest that I posted my last entry... Boo

Freak, so Much stuffs to Blog....

where to start?

Lost! ........ hurhur

Brief summary Ba..... Let me recap

ok.... Did I mentioned that I shifted hse Last May?

Phew that was Like a year already...

Staying in Punggol Now with my younger brother

Sold off my Yishun Place finally

Nvr like that place since I moved in there back in 2000

"Buey SHun"..... if u can get I mean... : )

Not a Bad 2009 I suppose....

Work wise ok

Friends wise ok

Relationship wise Nt ok :p

$ wise So so hahaha

overall acceptable lo....

Well since this is the 1st post this year and if u r reading this

Happy 2010.......!

Totally Crap! Since 6 months already goner

-____-**** hurhur

Nevertheless I welcome myself Back here...... n I am sure U do too!

more updates soon...

promise! : )

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


for the longest time without any single update......

coming 4 mths

this blog is DEAD !......

should I just close this account completely?

should I or should I nt?....

Monday, April 20, 2009

when will I Strike?

My Dear SiS Doris STrike!!! And I am so Much Happy FOr Her!!!!!!!!!

sharing her joy, my whole family n relatives celebrated @ Long Beach @ Dempsey Hill

eerr all @ her expense of cos, haha

Best SeaFood U can Ever find!!

I surely wana MORE!

didn't manage to capture every dish, busy eating mah :P
but seriously, Standard as usual high, Gd Stuff!
head there if u r a seafood lover!

Introducing Botak Head.......

M e G a N !!!!

latest member to my immediate family

haha, she so cute lo, make me wana make baby also! ahahahahah

hmmmm come to think abt it, I think I need to @ least buy abit la, never even buy, how to Strike!!!
just in case u still do nt know strike what, is 4D lor.....

May I Strike First Prize This coming Wednesday, Amen!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The last sentence by the mother to her children:
" I hope one day... You too find yourself Life partners.... Who are as beautifully imperfect; as your father was to me...."

the little imperfections that make them perfect, for u

Best advertisement by MCYS... GD JOB!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My New HobbY

I know I have been neglecting this space.....

Time is really not enough for me.....

Its been busi busi and real busi......

Ok enough... Cut the crap.....

Lotza photos to share which I took with my Dslr over 3 outing sessions.....

And I still have Lotza to learn!.......

Here we go

My Humble NEWBIE shots...........


I knda like this shot actually keke

Nice waterfall there, Swee bor?

Artists @ work!

Now our turn, Photographers @ work too! Haha did I just mention photographers? :P

NEXT, 1st Night Shot Attempt @ Esplanade.....

CMI in my point of view.....

Night Shooting is NOT EASY!!!!!

and my 1st attempt SUCKS

new IR in the making.....

JAMIE, I COPYCAT cos I went to the Animal Resort also ahahahahahaha
nice place! best is FREE!

Next Round I wana go JURONG BIRDPARK!!!! Whos ON???????

now guess where is this??


Thought we could go shoot shoot Sunset leh, but sway sway the Mr Sun shy, hide himself, anyway the sky isnt BLUE either.... -_- next round ba

I think I look more Pro here hor?, fwaahahahahahahaa

till the next entry..... hope it would be too long :P